small things that make you feel different

The Products

I make the following handkerchiefs and scarves sizes:

The small scarf, in the winter in mohair and for all seasons in linen, viscose, cotton, ... It is the perfect size to make a knot on the neck.
Its price is 33-35 Euro.

The handkerchief, foulard or scarf, in the winter woven in mohair, alpaca, merino wook and other different types of fibres, and for all seasons in linen, cotton, silk, viscous...
Its price is among 60, 64 and 69 Euro.

The shawl is the biggest scarf and is useful to make a very big knot as to get tangled up with him. In the winter is woven in mohair, alpaca, merino wook or other wools and fibres, and for all seasons in linen, rayon, viscose...
Its price is among 85, 89 and 95 Euro.

Shown photos must be taken as a merely guidance, every week new pieces are made, and these photos are a small sample of the amount of different designs that I keep on making little by little.

All the pieces have this accurate final presentation.

Out of the most usual line, I also have other kind of pieces... "Playing" with a retrieved ancient "tricotosa" and searching a different and polyvalent piece, the "buf-onetta" has gone out. A fun piece to bring to the neck, in the head, on the waist... and moreover it comes with the touch of a wood cocky.
Its price is 16 Euro.

I really love hats, and it had already been having in mind to decorate some with the threads that I use for weaving for time and ... finally this year I have taken out the personalized hats! They are hats and berets of wool and angora in the purest stlye of Paris (the hats are made in France) with the only and Mediterranean touch of Barcelona. All they are different, there is no one equal to any other. Its price is among 28 and 49 Euro.